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Future-proofing Jane Jacobs

Jacobs against Constant Niewenhuys’ rendering of New Babylon

For the next two months, you can check this space for regular posts reflecting on chapters of Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities. The fine folks at the Centre for City Ecology have teamed up with Creative Urban Projects to present the City-Builder Book Club (CBBC)—a guided and scheduled online discussion, beginning with Jane Jacobs’ landmark tome of urban theory. Our purpose here will be to look at planning discourse past (Jacobs) and present (the discussion hosted by the CBBC through blog posts and discussion forums) and see how the ideas raised might be addressed in the design of Upper Toronto.

Please feel free to read along, and join the discussion on the CBBC site. Look for our first post on chapters 1 and 2 next Wednesday.

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